Rapid Letters


3D printing is perceived as a long, time-consuming process which takes a long time to create multiple objects or mass-produce objects.


This project aimed to prove that 3D printing can be used for fast printing and mass production.


3D letters were designed to be printed in approximately five minutes per letter to show that 3D printing can be rapid. All the letters could be clicked together as a pendulum, allowing the user to produce a word or acronym in a short period of time.


Protospace Fablab Utrecht

letters are adapted to make it possible to print in one line.

As 3D printing is often perceived as a long process, the goal of this project was to prove that it is possible to use 3D printing to print rapidly and for mass production.


The most important requirement for this project was that the printing time should be short, lasting approximately five minutes. The coupling parts were developed and validated with the aim to print the coupling parts within 3 minutes. When this was achieved, the letters were added to the design with a goal to keep printing time under 5 minutes. This would make it possible to quickly design 3D letters and words. The letters are designed in such a way that they can be printed in one line which speeds up the printing process as the nozzle does not have to lift up every time.

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