Rapid prototyping techniques have become more important in creating personal products. The combination of different techniques, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, opens up many more opportunities.


The aim of this project is to use rapid prototyping techniques to design a lamp that can be adjusted to the individual needs and wishes of individual users.


A modular lamp that exists of separate tetrahedrons which can be attached to each other. The sides are 3D printed to provide options in color, material and texture.

I am interested in creating products that are personal to the user, and enjoy seeing how I can create products which make it possible for users to change a component or aspect to fit their own needs. Within this project the main focus was the usage of rapid prototyping techniques in order to create a lamp that can be adjusted to the wishes of the users.


Laser cutting was used for the frame, which makes it possible to use a variety of different materials, like wood, acrylics or cardboard. The sides of the lamp are 3D printed, which gives the user the opportunity to select different colors or structures.

The prototype used a litophane technique to create personal 3D printed sides. In this example mountains were used as the picture to create shadows, but in reality anything could be used: a picture of your family, pet or favorite city.


The key to making the lamp modular are magnets, which make it possible to attach multiple tetrahedron lamps to each other. One lamp is attached to a battery as the 'base’, and transfers the electricity to the other lamps via the magnets.

on each face one magnet transfers the 5V

on each face two magnets transfer the ground

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