The context for each project varied from shopping malls to school buildings and museums, each requiring different approaches to problem-solving and design.


Depending on the context, users have different needs. A lack of wayfinding solutions can be particularly stressful for first-time visitors trying to find their desired destination.


Mijksenaar aims to connect people with places in a meaningful way.


Diverse and tailor-made solutions are required to solve the complex problems that occur in each setting. All solutions are focused on finding one’s way in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.



Wereldhave, Hanzehogeschool and Wereldculturen Museums

My role

Junior information designer

Fingerpointer for Wereldhave (copyright Mijksenaar)

Sketchup model of conservatory in Groningen (copyright Mijksenaar)

Mijksenaar is a design agency and consultancy specialized in wayfinding design with a mission to connect people with places in a meaningful way. The wayfinding solutions created by Mijksenaar are often used in public spaces with many different user groups, meaning the information design should be as simple and intuitive as possible.

As an information designer at Mijksenaar, I contributed to all different phases of a design process to create innovative and user-friendly solutions for our clients, from analysis and strategy to designing sketches and defining production specifications for the supplier.

During my time at Mijksenaar I worked on several projects with different project teams, a selection of which is included below.

Directional signs for Wereldhave (copyright Mijksenaar)

Directional signs for Afrikamuseum (copyright Mijksenaar)

Expert walkthrough on location (copyright Mijksenaar)

Map for Volkenkunde (copyright Mijksenaar)

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