The moment at a gate before boarding a plane can be stressful for passengers, as often boarding is not executed efficiently.


Interruptions while boarding a plane are often caused by passengers who are unprepared or unaware of how and when to board.


The project aimed to create awareness amongst passengers on how to prepare for boarding and to understand how the time spent at the gate can be used for communicating information.


Firefly is a smart system that communicates information on how to prepare before boarding by means of projections.


Tijdschrift voor Human Factors 201

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, KLM and Transavia

Topview of the system in a gate area

Boarding, the moment that passengers will enter the plane to their destination, is not the most enjoyable part of the flying process with long waiting lines in the cabin and jet bridge, interruptions in the cabin, and general confusion amongst passengers. Part of these interruptions are because passengers are not well prepared, unaware of what causes the interruptions and how to prevent them.

How can we make passengers more prepared to board efficiently? Firefly is a smart system that solves this problem by focusing on the opportunity to communicate at the gate at the airport.


The information projected by Firefly is designed to create awareness and improve passenger preparedness. Projections can also provide more general information regarding the flight and boarding process. The information provided through the projections will only be visual to ensure all passengers are able to understand it. The projectors will be attached to a rail system above the gate to enable steering on demand. Gate agents can use an app to control the content and location of the projections.  Additional screens in the gate will provide personal support to the passengers by offering further information on how to prepare or what is available to buy on the airplane.

Concept screens for gate agents

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