As a designer, I find it important to highlight the user experience instead of developing solely functional products, and believe that an understanding of the user and context is essential to creating intelligent, useful, and novel products that enhance existing processes and experiences. To achieve this, I use both the physical and digital world to create meaningful and personal experiences between the user and the product.


Having been raised in a home with two cultures in the diverse city of Amsterdam has allowed me to experience different customs and values. This gives me unique insights into users and the ability to empathize with their needs and wants.


My work approach is very practical: I enjoy working in physical spaces together with multidisciplinary teams. I value making prototypes throughout the design process in order to provide frequent evaluation and opportunities for improvement of the final output. By combining different techniques and 2D with 3D, I like to explore new possibilities in the prototyping process.




Musico: Personal Playlists through Peripheral and Implicit Interaction

Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems

Read publication here

Dutch Mobility Hackathon (first prize)

First prize with the Stranded team. Our concept was a service to help stranded people at the trainstation. Instead of individually booking a modality to continue the commute, the service provides an easy way to plan and book shared modalities to go to their end destination.

The Effect of Light Projections for Wayfinding Purposes within an

Airport Context

Journal of Navigation

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ThingsCon Hack Challenge (first prize)

First prize with the Bluehive team. Our concept was about making people aware of their energy consumption in order to motivate them to reduce their consumption and become more sustainable.

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